Wage discrimination is an issue for many groups

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Wage discrimination is not only an issue for women. In New Jersey and throughout the country, it affects other groups including men, members of the LGBTQ community, minorities and older people.

Over the past four fiscal years, women made up roughly 85 percent of filed wage claims based on gender, with men comprising most of the rest. Gender and race were the most common reasons for work discrimination claims regarding wage, and claims of discrimination based on age, national origin and disability followed, according to EEOC data. The least common reasons for claims were religion and discrimination based on genetic information.

These statistics show that wage discrimination affects a significant portion of Americans, and the wage gap is not solely an issue for women. It is necessary to consider how other factors like race, religion and country of origin can also contribute to the wage gap. Often, employers justify the disparity in wages because of group stereotypes or because they consider wage gaps to be a normal part of business. Nonetheless, wage discrimination cannot be justified, and some measures can be taken to combat the practice. One measure is the continued requirement of the Employer Information Report, which companies that have at least 100 employees must file yearly. This report includes the demographic information of employees as well as their wages. Requiring employers to be transparent with this information can help lower the occurrence of discrimination nationwide.

People who suffer wage discrimination may decide to seek compensation. It may be beneficial for people who have endured this to discuss their case with a lawyer who has experience with this type of workplace discrimination.

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