Lawsuit claims Tesla engages in racist activity

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New Jersey residents may have heard about lawsuits against Tesla regarding allegations of ageism and gender discrimination. It has also faced a lawsuit related to racial discrimination that was filed in October 2017. On Nov. 13, another race discrimination lawsuit was filed in Alameda County Superior Court in California by an employee at the company’s factory in Fremont.

The most recent lawsuit against Tesla has obtained class action status and represents all black workers at the factory. According to the suit, the technology that the company is developing is groundbreaking while race relations are stuck in the past. For his part, CEO Elon Musk said that those who were offended should accept apologies given by their colleagues and to grow a thicker skin. Tesla responded to the lawsuit itself with a blog post.

If a worker is treated differently at work because of his or her race, that may be discrimination on behalf of the employer. Examples of race discrimination may include comments or jokes about a person’s race or their country of origin. It may also include the use of slurs or offensive names uttered by colleagues or managers. An employer may be liable for discrimination if such actions are taken by vendors or clients associated with the business.

Workers who feel like they have been discriminated against may benefit from obtaining the advice of an attorney. This may make it possible to learn more about how to take action against an employer. In some cases, a matter may be resolved through private negotiations as opposed to filing a lawsuit.

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