Age discrimination is paramount for the EEOC

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More than 50 years have passed since the Age Discrimination in Employment Act became law. Unfortunately, even with the passage of the bill, age discrimination is still quite prevalent in New Jersey and around the country. Fortunately, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has placed age discrimination at the forefront of their mission to ensure fair employment practices. Experts in the field recommend that older workers who are currently in the workforce or are looking for employment adhere to the following practices to avoid possible discrimination.

The first suggestion is for older workers to hone their skills. Continuing education opportunities allow associates to remain sharp and performing at their best. When employees are proficient at their work, they become people who are relied upon to help the company not only function but excel. When experience is combined with up-to-date knowledge, the chance of dealing with a workplace discrimination situation is less likely to happen.

The next recommendation is for people to always appear engaged and prepared to their employers. Older employees need to elicit confidence in their management team and should always reassure the company they are on top of their jobs. A slack or uncaring work ethic could cause an employer to question the capabilities and skill set of a particular employee.

The third suggestion is for employees to take action if they feel as though they have been a victim of workplace discrimination due to age. A complaint with the EEOC can go a long way in calling attention to potential abuse and restoring an employee’s rights.

For those who have faced age discrimination in the workplace, there are solutions to reach a positive outcome. Consulting an employment law attorney could be the best strategy to provide insightful consultation into what can often be a complex legal process.

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