Study finds that discrimination isn’t uncommon

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According to the 2019 Diversity and Inclusion Study, 61% of respondents said that they either saw or experienced discrimination on the job. This is in spite of the fact that companies in New Jersey and throughout America are putting more money and effort into diversifying their workforce. The study included 1,100 workers, and it found that workplace discrimination was more common in the United States than in European countries such as France and Germany.

However, the study did find that Americans and Europeans alike believe that more should be done to make workplaces more diverse. Roughly half of those polled in the United States and Europe said that this was the case. Both racism and ageism were common forms of discrimination that workers in the United States saw or experienced at work. According to a representative from Glassdoor, employers need to make sure that employees are free to be themselves while on the job.

Creating a corporate culture that celebrates all people is especially important during times of low unemployment. When unemployment is low, workers have more leverage to pick and choose where they work. Often, they want to work for companies that embrace their workers and make their happiness a top priority. Through the use of surveys and other tools, employers can better identify weaknesses in their hiring practices and work to fix them.

Those who experience harassment or other forms of discrimination at work may want to work with an attorney to pursue legal action against their employer. It may be possible to obtain compensation for lost wages and other damages depending on the facts of a case. An attorney may use evidence such as manager statements, witness statements or personnel records to help obtain a favorable settlement or a favorable outcome at trial.

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