Do I have the right to be myself at work?

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Many people consider their working life to be very separate from their personal life. To succeed in their career, some people believe that it is necessary to alter aspects of their personality or take on an entirely new persona just to fit in. While this may be a possible way of getting ahead in your career, it can lead to job dissatisfaction, and you may not be content with the way that you feel when you are “faking it.”

In recent years, the topic of being yourself at work has been frequently discussed. It has been found that many people are afraid to be their true selves at work for fear of being discriminated against.

For example, a person with a disability may try to hide their condition for fear that it may hinder their career. While discrimination is, unfortunately, an issue in today’s workplaces, the law is supportive of preventing discriminatory actions in the workplace. Therefore, workers should understand their right to be themselves in the workplace, and take action if they believe that their rights are being denied.

You are free to express your gender identity or sexual orientation

So many workers feel they must hide their gender identity or aspects of their personality in the working environment for fear of discrimination. In New Jersey, there are policies in place to protect against sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination in employment. There is no need to fear expressing yourself or hiding aspects of who you are. If you do believe that you have been discriminated against by a coworker, employer or prospective employer, you have the right to take action.

You have the right to reasonable adjustments in certain situations

If you are a disabled employee or you are pregnant, your employer has to provide reasonable adjustments to your working conditions to make it possible for you to do your job. You should not feel the need to hide your condition or your discomfort at work for fear of it disadvantaging you.

If you are worried about being your true self at work because you fear being discriminated against, you must equip yourself with knowledge of your legal rights. By doing so, you will be able to act with confidence.

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