Some forms of workplace discrimination are under the radar

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Workplace discrimination has been under the microscope in recent years, leading to intense efforts to reduce on-the-job prejudice. Still, New Jersey workers may find themselves subjected to various levels of mistreatment on the job. Recognizing it when it occurs can be important to putting a stop to the behavior.

There are certain types of on-the-job discrimination that happen often without reprisal. These include caregiver, pregnancy and age discrimination. For example, workers who have young children or need to care for a loved one could be confronted with caregiver discrimination. Employers are often reluctant to allow employees flexible schedules and extra time off to provide care. This can spark discriminatory behaviors such as denying the worker a promotion, not giving them time off or failing to give a deserved raise.

Women have been at the forefront of attempts to change the work culture in the U.S. However, pregnancy discrimination still happens. Even though the law against pregnancy discrimination has been in place for more than four decades, employers may terminate their employment or not provide reasonable accommodation. Age discrimination has long been a concern. Because people are working to older ages than they have in the past, there are more seniors in the workforce. That they are discriminated against is no surprise. In addition, people 45 and older are increasingly discriminated against. Two-thirds of these employees say they have witnessed age-related workplace discrimination, according to a recent survey.

Workplace discrimination can have a range of negative effects. It can hinder a victim’s earning power, prevent them from advancement or keep them from getting a job they are qualified for and want. When dealing with employment violations on the job, legal assistance might be necessary. A law firm experienced in battling workplace discrimination might be able to help.

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