You Deserve Respect In The Workplace

Gender discrimination can be hurtful and discouraging, and can cost you money. It can cause you to consider relocating, changing jobs, even changing careers. The bottom line: Gender discrimination is wrong and illegal. You should not have to surrender to this kind of bleak future simply because an employer refuses to abide by the law.

For more than 30 years of successful practice in Union County, New Jersey, Lawrence N. Lavigne has used his comprehensive command of employment law — and his devotion to clients’ goals — to achieve positive results for workers who become the target of discrimination based on gender. He will fight to protect your rights and hold your employer liable for the harm you experienced.

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What Gender Discrimination Looks Like

Have you been wrongfully terminated or mistreated at your job because of your gender? Were you the target of some sort of gender stereotype and transferred to another position because it was assumed you couldn’t do the job you were hired for?

Gender discrimination can take many forms. If one of the following happened to you, and you believe it is due to your gender, contact our firm:

  • Unfair job assignment
  • Transfer, pay cut or demotion
  • Overlooking you for the promotion you deserve
  • Undesirable work hours
  • Unfair hiring practices
  • Lack of equal access to training opportunities
  • Harassment

Lawrence N. Lavigne will steep himself in the facts of your case and arm you with options that can lead to sound decisions. You will enjoy maximum access to his expertise throughout the process so that all sudden questions and concerns can be promptly addressed. When your case has concluded, you will know that your interests have been safeguarded by a true advocate who believes in your rights.

Call To Defend Your Rights In The Workplace

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