Tailored Representation For Not For Profit Religious Organizations

Not for profit religious organizations (NFPRO) are benevolent groups designed by leaders in their faith and local communities. However, these organizations, like any other type of business, face a number of legally related matters that need the attention of a skilled and savvy attorney. At the law offices of Lawrence N. Lavigne, Esq., L.L.C., we use more than 30 years of legal experience when helping NFPRO clients address, resolve and prevent legal issues. Located in Union, New Jersey, we are dedicated to helping NFPROs formulate a plan for moving forward.

Comprehensive Services To Meet Your Needs

Our firm does many types of work for various NFPROs, including churches and synagogues, in the area, including:

Preparation of all corporate documents including articles of incorporation, bylaws and other documents required by law

  • Ensuring compliance with bylaws
  • Creating employment agreements among clergy including ministers, pastors, rabbis, and their organizations
  • Addressing compliance for facilities
  • Determining zoning in order to ensure that the NFPRO can locate to where it chooses
    • In some cases, zoning may have to be changed, in which case it is very important to have a legal advocate on your side.
  • Assisting with charitable exemptions and tax status
  • Working with certified public accountants to obtain/maintain Sec 501(c)(3) status
  • Working with insurance brokers to obtain necessary insurance at competitive costs
  • Working with property management to ensure compliance on all property matters
  • Handling all aspects of property acquisition, zoning, ownership and disposition
  • Handling all employment-related matters including employment manuals, policies and agreements as required by law
  • Working with all governmental agencies to assure proper licensure and compliance

Immigration is also an issue for NFPROs, so they have the opportunity to hire the people who will be the best choices for their needs. Restricting them too much can mean that the job does not go to the right person, which hurts the organization and potentially anyone who needs that organization’s services. With the right legal counsel, there is a reduced risk of an NFPRO experiencing that issue. Your church or synagogue may not be clear on the charitable exemptions available to it, which could mean missing out on a high level of value.

Our legal team can work with your NFPRO on these and other issues to ensure you have the correct legal framework to meet your organization’s needs. Because religious organizations operate differently than other types, you want a legal advocate with the years of experience and dedication you will find with us. That can help provide peace of mind, and keep your organization moving in the right direction and helping others for years to come.

Have An Insightful Lawyer On Your Side

If you have questions or are in need of representation for a not for profit religious organization, contact our firm today. We offer a free consultation. Call now at 908-349-1066. Se habla español.