Representing Public Employees In Employment Law Matters

If you are a public employee, you have the same rights – if not more – that nonpublic employees do. Both federal and New Jersey laws protect you against illegal employment practices such as discrimination, harassment or wrongful termination.

However, that does not mean that employee rights aren’t threatened. If you work for the city, county, municipal, state or federal government and have encountered a legal problem that threatens your rights, career and livelihood, you need a lawyer who is experienced with handling the unique legal aspects of public employment.

Employment attorney Lawrence N. Lavigne can help. He has more than 30 years of successful service to Union County public employees as a trial lawyer and legal knowledge that puts the law on your side.

Public Employees Have More Protections, But The Laws Are Complex

Government and public workers who have been victimized by illegal behavior such as harassment, discrimination or wrongful termination often have greater protection than the typical nonpublic employee. Civil Service Commission regulations offer protections that private-sector employees do not have and provide the following protections:

  • Due process procedures must be followed for tenured or otherwise “permanent” employees before being disciplined or fired.
  • Equal protection laws require each similarly situated employee to be treated the same.
  • Discrimination is not allowed on the basis of race, gender, age, religion, national origin, pregnancy, disability, gender identity or sexual orientation.
  • Government employers cannot retaliate against public employees for reporting discrimination, harassment or illegal activity or for exercising their First Amendment rights.

The laws involving public employees can be complex and confusing, which is why the help of experienced legal counsel becomes necessary. Attorney Lawrence N. Lavigne has built a significant reputation for positive results while representing public employees, including but not limited to teachers, nurses, firefighters, court personnel, clerical workers, administrators, police and corrections officers, public works employees, and other public employees in employment disputes, tenure disputes and denials, and disciplinary matters. We can represent you during every stage of your claim, from licensure issues or your disciplinary proceeding to administrative hearings to appeals in the Superior Court and all other types of employment litigation.

Teachers are under tremendous pressure. Allegations of misconduct and discipline can derail careers. Firefighters also face unique discipline issues. We know the impact a mark on your record can have on your future career opportunities. We are here to help.

Discuss Your Case With A Lawyer Who Has Over 30 Years Of Experience

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