What Qualifies As ‘Wrongful Termination’?

If you were fired for an illegal reason, your rights and future have been compromised. Lawrence N. Lavigne, Esq., will use his decades of experience and legal knowledge to put the law on your side. He also defends business owners accused of wrongful termination.

Not all terminations are wrongful. Many individuals who have been separated from employment believe that the termination of their employment was “wrongful” when it is simply unfair or they disagree with their employer’s decision to terminate the employment. Most employees are “employees-at-will” and can be fired for any reason or no reason as long as the termination of employment does not violate the law. As experienced employment attorneys, the firm of Lawrence N. Lavigne, Esq., L.L.C., will analyze your case and offer the highest degree of professional service.

Lawrence N. Lavigne, located in Union, New Jersey, has been protecting employees’ rights for more than 30 years. He will fight to get you the compensation you deserve after being illegally fired.

When Is It Illegal To Fire An Employee?

In New Jersey, most forms of employment are “at will” — the exception being union members and employees who have an employment contract specific to a particular time frame. At will employment means you can voluntarily leave your job at any time, and your employer can fire you for any reason — as long as it’s not an illegal reason.

Several federal and New Jersey laws protect at-will employees from discrimination, harassment and wrongful termination. These laws make it illegal for employers to fire you based on:

  • Your race, gender, marital status, religion, place of national origin or age
  • Your disability or perceived disability
  • Your pregnancy
  • Your sexual preferences (sexual orientation)

It is also illegal to retaliate against an employee who complains of discrimination or harassment or who reports illegal behavior.

Even if you voluntarily leave your job, you may be able to claim that you have been constructively discharged, so that certain rights and remedies are available to you. Learn more about your options by contacting our Union law office for an initial consultation.

There Are Special Procedures For Union Members

If you are a union member, your employment terms are determined and covered by a union contract or collective bargaining agreement. In many cases, this contract provides the union member with additional protection from termination.

If you feel you have been wrongfully terminated and your union member rights have been violated, your union is able to file a grievance against your employer. You may have rights beyond the grievance procedure, which you can assert. You need an experienced employment law lawyer who can help determine any legal remedies such as lost wages – which is where the law firm of Lawrence N. Lavigne, Esq., L.L.C., comes in.

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