Are You Being Sexually Harassed At Work?

Have you become the target of sexual harassment on the job in New Jersey? Are you an employer who has been unfairly accused of harassment in the workplace?

If so, you need the skilled assistance of an experienced employment law attorney who customizes quality representation, tailoring his leadership and guidance to suit your exact needs, and who will put the law on your side.

In Union County, that dedicated advocate is Lawrence N. Lavigne, Esq., L.L.C. — for more than 30 years, an aggressive champion of victims of workplace harassment throughout the state.

What Is Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment is defined as unwanted verbal or physical sexual advances. The harasser and the victim may be of the same or opposite gender and the harassment may include:

  • An offer of advancement within the company or special benefits or privileges in exchange for sexual favors
  • Threats about retaliation after the refusal of sexual advances
  • Sexual gestures
  • Suggestive depictions or objects
  • Sexually derogatory comments
  • Physical conduct, including touching of any kind

If you can personally relate to one or more of these illegal workplace behaviors, as recipient of the harassment or someone falsely accused of it, contact Lawrence N. Lavigne to secure your free consultation. Se habla español.

Has Your Work Environment Become Hostile?

Harassment includes sexual harassment, gender harassment, racial or national origin harassment, harassment based on military service, marriage or domestic partnership status and harassment based on medical conditions or pregnancy.

Often harassment can be so pervasive that a hostile work environment is created — meaning the harassment is so severe that it alters the condition of employment and creates an atmosphere of hostility and an offensive or intimidating work environment.

If you have been compelled to endure a hostile work environment due to sexual or other forms of harassment, you need the support of an experienced lawyer who can effectively analyze your case and help you obtain compensation for your personal pain and suffering. You need Lawrence N. Lavigne and his Union law office behind you.

We Will Help You Stop Sexual Harassment

You have the right to a workplace free of harassment. Let us help you achieve that, beginning with your free initial consultation. Contact our sexual harassment lawyer by calling toll free — 908-349-1066. You can also reach us by email. Se habla español.