Women in tech grapple with wage gap

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In a new Hired study of tech companies, 60 percent of women were offered less money than male workers for the same positions. This is slightly lower than the 63 percent of women who were surveyed a year ago. Overall, the gender wage gap in the technology sector is 3 percent, but the gap is larger for some employees. For instance, black women made roughly 89 percent of what white males made. New Jersey workers may be interested in the other results from the study.

The wage gap was about 8 percent for women members of the LGBTQ community. Where a person worked also had an effect on the difference in pay between men and women. San Francisco had a 6 percent wage gap between men and women while Boston had a wage gap of 9 percent.

In addition to differences in pay, many women who were surveyed said that they felt discriminated against. This was partially because they felt like they weren’t taken seriously as workers. However, both companies and workers were taking steps to remedy the situation. Companies were interviewing more female candidates while the candidates themselves were asking for higher salaries. Companies can make it easier for candidates to get what they are worth by offering greater transparency as it relates to employee pay.

Workers who are paid less than their colleagues for performing similar roles may be victims of wage discrimination. Someone who believes that they are being paid less because of their gender may wish to pursue a lawsuit or other legal action. It may be possible to file a charge with the EEOC or pursue the matter with an employer directly. An attorney may be helpful in an employee’s quest to resolve the matter favorably.

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