When auto defects harm you or your family

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Purchasing a defective motor vehicle often results only in unexpected expenditures and inconvenience. For example, you might have to spend a few dollars to fix the flaw. In another example, you may be without a vehicle for a few days while you await repairs. These minor auto defects typically do not put you or your family at risk of suffering an injury, but some defects can and do present injury risks.

Many types of auto defects could put your safety in jeopardy. We have included a list of common vehicle defects that might pose danger.

Accelerator flaws: Imagine your vehicle suddenly accelerating and no matter what you try, nothing seems to stop the car. Several years ago, this happened to many Toyota owners resulting in several deaths and injuries.

Defective brakes: Even when your vehicle is not abruptly speeding out of control as discussed above, not being able to stop is always dangerous. Auto defects affecting the brake system occur frequently in the vehicle manufacturing industry.

Airbag and restraint defects: Say that someone crashes into your vehicle. If your seat belts or airbags fail upon impact, your risk of injury will likely increase. Further, any injuries you suffer will probably be more severe than they would have been if your car’s safety gear functioned properly.

In our Union, New Jersey, legal practice, we have witnessed for ourselves the devastation auto defects can cause. We have made it one of our most important missions to make sure all the state’s residents know about the risks of such defects. As such, we welcome your questions and concerns about defective automobiles.

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