3 kinds of wrongful termination

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Losing your job can be stressful. Going from having a regular income to not having one can cause you all sorts of financial problems. Sometimes these terminations are justified, but sometimes it’s a case of wrongful termination.

Wrongful termination means that an employee was discharged illegally. Here are a few reasons employees would be victims of wrongful termination:

1. “Good cause” contract protection

If you’re contracted, then you may have a “good cause” clause. This is a protection that states there must be a reason for your termination in good faith. A contracted worker may be allowed to complete their responsibilities knowing they can’t be fired prematurely. For example, an employee may be fired if they stole from their employer, lied about their employment, violated federal laws or didn’t comply with safety regulations. Any other reasons may be in bad faith.

2. Race, religion, sex or other kinds of discrimination

Employees have the right to safe, discrimination-free workplaces. Some employees may be discriminated against at work and, as a result, lose their employment. For example, someone with religious beliefs may face termination for practicing their religion during work. Or, an employee may be terminated after it’s discovered they’re in a same-sex relationship. Employers are not allowed to use these sorts of things as reasons for dismissing someone.

3. Whistleblowing protections

Employees have a right to whistleblow when it’s discovered there are unethical and unsafe workplace practices that violate the law and jeopardize public safety. Employers may try to save face by terminating the whistleblower. However, whistleblowers are protected from such actions.

If you were suddenly discharged from your place of work for no apparent reason or you feel that the reason your employer gave you is a lie, then you may need to reach out for legal help to learn more about wrongful termination.

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