5 kinds of online sexual harassment

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Sexual harassment in the workplace makes a hostile workplace, which can disrupt an employee’s working and living conditions. Even when an employee leaves their work, sexual harassment may follow them home.

An employer or co-worker may sexually harass someone online. Here’s how that can happen:

Unwanted calls and texts late at night

An employer or co-worker may call or text an employee late at night. These calls and texts may not be related to work, but instead focus on lewd or indecent suggestions. Even if the calls and texts were work-related, they may be considered inappropriate and unwanted behavior if they happen frequently. 

Comments on social media posts

Many employees share their social media accounts with co-workers. Social media may even suggest users to friend the people they work with. When co-workers interact with each other online through likes and comments, it may not necessarily be sexual harassment. However, if comments become suggestive, aggressive or frequent, then it may become inappropriate behavior. 

Online stalking

Much like comments on social media, online stalking is a large issue for employees. Online stalking can disrupt a person’s life and make them feel unsafe. An employee or co-worker could use information about someone online to target them. This could lead someone to show up unannounced to an employee’s home or to send unwanted letters or gifts. 

Sharing of sexually explicit photos and video

An employer or co-worker may send explicit photos or videos to someone online. These images may include naked body parts or inappropriate actions. This would be another form of sexual harassment. 

AI pornography 

With the development of AI technology, many people are facing a new kind of sexual harassment. Employees may have their likeness used in an AI video or photo that puts them in a risky or inappropriate situation. 

If you are facing sexual harassment and don’t know how to stop it, then it can help to reach out for help to learn about your legal options. 

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