Faith under fire: Spotting unlawful religious bias at work

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Religious discrimination in the workplace is often much more subtle than other forms of unlawful mistreatment, but it remains a problem in the New York Metro area. Although it might not be as clear-cut as other discriminatory practices, its effects can be just as damaging.

Many people experiencing workplace religious discrimination struggle to pinpoint the problem. They might have a nagging sense of unfairness, a feeling that something is wrong. Do not assume your feelings are imaginary – they could indicate something is indeed amiss.

Watch out for (and document) these red flags

Once you can no longer dismiss your concerns, it is time to look for evidence of religious discrimination. Look out for actionable mistreatment and keep a detailed log of events like these:

  • Religious jokes or insensitive comments about your faith
  • Forced to alter your appearance or hide your religion (like shaving a beard for Sikhs)
  • Conversion tactics. Employer or managerial pressure to convert to a different faith
  • Unequal opportunities. Denied promotions, unfounded disciplinary actions and poor performance reviews

Denying your reasonable time off requests for religious holidays or observances can also be a form of religious discrimination.

Prepare to exercise your rights

Experiencing any of these situations may confirm your suspicions. In America, you have the right to a workplace free from religious harassment and unfair treatment.

Understanding religious discrimination in the workplace empowers you to recognize it and take action. Bring your documentation to an experienced employment law representative. Together, you can work to better ensure fair workplace treatment for yourself and your co-workers, regardless of religion.

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