Are you are a victim of wrongful termination?

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Getting fired from a job nearly always makes workers feel bad, even if the termination only occurred out of necessity on the part of the business owner. Most people who lose their jobs don’t give the matter much through beyond the financial hardships they are likely to experience. However, it is wise to consider the loss of your job carefully to identify wrongful termination.

Why is this important? Identifying wrongful termination benefits the entire New Jersey workforce as well as yourself. The more victims take a stand against wrongful termination, the less it will continue to happen as employers learn that there may be consequences for their actions.

The nation’s labor force is largely governed by the “at-will” employment rule. This means that an employer can fire a worker without cause. What this does not mean is that employers can do so for reasons that are against the law. For example, firing a worker because he or she has a disability is typically illegal.

Other examples of wrongful termination include the following.

  • Getting fired after turning down sexual advances
  • Getting fired in a manner that violates written and/or oral employment agreements
  • Getting fired in retaliation after filing a claim against your employer
  • Getting fired in a discriminatory manner for your age, race, gender, sexual preference, religion, disability, etc.

One of the biggest issues that keep workers from seeking a legal solution is the difficulty involved in identifying wrongful termination. The good news is that you can get assistance in determining if you were fired wrongfully. Take your concerns to a professional for help. An experienced lawyer can help you identify wrongful termination and guide you through the steps involved in filing a claim.

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